Jollibee rolls out another tearjerker viral video for Mother’s Day


In time for Mother’s Day, Jollibee has again launched a viral video online that will surely touch the hearts of Filipinos worldwide. This week, the fastfood chain has started rolling out its special video entitled ‘Parangal’ (‘Tribute’) across the social media.

As the title suggests, the storyline is a tribute to all single moms (and solo parents) out there. Ironically, the video’s release comes at a time when there’s a heated controversy over the ‘solo parent joke’ uttered inappropriately by a legislator during a recent formal Commission of Appointments hearing for a department secretary, who turns out to be a solo parent who raised her children on her own.

At the middle of the viral video is the element of surprise, and we can’t help but be a spoiler for those who have not seen it yet. The video turns out to be a sequel to the ‘Date’ video launched by #KwentongJollibee series over the Valentine’s.

‘Date’ and ‘Parangal’ were both directed by renowned film director Pepe Diokno, who is also currently co-hosting a TV show called ‘Trippies’ aired over CNN Philippines. During a previous conversation between Tech and Lifestyle Journal and Diokno, the 29-year-old director revealed that he was also surprised upon reading the script of the video, but he was given the liberty to execute the material with liberty.

Watch the viral Mother’s day video from Jollibee. Spoiler alert: this is a tearjerker.


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