Create your own 3D animated video using Toontastic 3D

There is a new storytelling app that can make it easy for kids to create their own animations or cartoons. Google’s recently launched Toontastic 3D is a free app available for download in Android and iOS devices. It surely spells fun not just for children but also for adults.

Toontastic 3D, just like the original Toontastic app released in 2011, allows users to create animated videos that they can use to make interesting school projects, present design pitches, narrate short stories, or simply explore their creativity. Thus, Google aptly describes the new app as a ‘digital puppet theater.’

For beginners, the app offers a set of built-in characters or a user can opt to create his/her own using the camera and editor. One can even record an audio to enhance story creation. Everything can then be saved as a 3D video.

In this short demo video, the app facilitates drawing of a simple character in a simple and familiar 2D space. The app then renders that figure into a 3D character inserted in an appropriate or customized scene.

To understand more, check out the app’s ‘Idea Lab’ section, which features sample animations that demonstrate what the application can actually do. There is even a storytelling video lesson from animation expert Austin Madison, who is among the people behind several Pixar animated movies like Brave and Wall-E.

Toontastic 3D is the latest educational app and content offering for kids from Google. The company has previously launched Verne: Himalayas, which allows users to roam across the Himalayas as a virtual Yeti; Project Blocks wherein children are taught to code using blocks just like LEGO; and YouTube Kids that compile learning oriented content in an online library.


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