Miss Universe candidates get neckpieces made of soda can rings

By now, we already know who got the crown and the title as the 65th Miss Universe. If you tuned in during the coronation, you probably noticed that the 85 candidates from all over the world were embarked in so many activities that showcased not just the beauty of the Philippines but also the hospitality and ingenuity of the Filipino people.

Not highlighted during the coronation night were several insightful events that underlined the pageant’s true purpose—empowerment of women. In one of the preliminary events held in the past couple of weeks, some of the Miss Universe candidates went to a sunset cruise around Manila Bay then proceeded to an exclusive dinner at Pico de Loro at Hamilo Coast in Batangas.

There, the lovely ladies met with the Artisan Women of Tondo, a women economic empowerment program that facilitates design and business skills training to provide livelihood to women who are single moms and sole bread-winners living in the densely populated and economically challenged district of Manila—Tondo.

Empowered women
It was an opportunity for the artisan women to present and handover a present to each of the candidates. Every gift was a work of art—handcrafted neckpiece made from canned soda rings.

“This is a great way of showcasing the artistry of the Filipino women artisans to the world and it also highlights how women are contributing to the empowerment of other women, wherever they may be in the globe,” said Coca-Cola Philippines Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications Adel Tamano.


During the event, Miss Universe candidates also took the time to get to know each of the artisan women personally. They expressed how they admire the handiwork after listening to the artisan women’s stories. At the same time, most of the candidates also shared their own personal experiences as they take the journey through the pageant.

About Artisan Women of Tondo
The Artisan Women of Tondo is in partnership with ASA Philippines Foundation, a local microfinance institution that helps uplift poor communities. The group is also supported by Coca-Cola Philippines under the 5by20 global initiative.

Other than neckpiece and accessories, the artisan women also create handbags, clutches, and home décor using the pull tabs in Coca-Cola beverage cans.


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