How to grow your fortune in the Year of the Rooster

Out with the old, in with the new! The Chinese New Year is coming. Has the year of the monkey been kind or cruel to you? New hopes and aspirations should be in the horizon as we welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster this weekend.

Are you among those who think that the Year of the Rooster is set to bring in bad times? In the local culture, rooster or chicken is usually associated with tight times, thus the familiar phrase “isang kahig, isang tuka.”

Do not write down 2017 on your forget list yet. To counter all the negative impressions, remember that the Rooster favors those who are hardworking and goal-oriented. It will bring success to those who aim sharply, just like how a real rooster does.

The rooster may have no qualm about sharing a fortune. Just be determined to earn with a rooster’s sure-footed steps. Here are some practical tips on how you can make the Year of the Rooster a great year especially for your personal finance.

Think/Crow like a rooster.
Make the year an outstanding one by setting a clear goal in mind. Keep your focus on a successful outcome and adopt financial habits that can yield great results.

Take charge of your destiny.
Find time to reflect on your goals. What is it that you really want to prioritize: wealth, career, work-life balance, or a secured future?

Be specific when setting plans of action.
It is much easier to track progress if you set actual numbers or metrics for assessment. Do you want to get rich by the time you are 40? Simply set your goal to something like this: “I want to be worth P5 million by the time I am 40 years old.”


Stick to a reasonable budget.
Roosters are long sighted as their eyes are transfixed on their goal. This is a trait we should adopt. Look forward to greater rewards and yields, while trying your best to stick to your budget.

Start building your net worth today.
Take a step forward towards building your net worth (assets less liabilities). Begin as soon as today.

Plan your investments.
Right across the market is a wide variety of investment vehicles, waiting to be chosen. Those investments are bundled with various risks as well as expected returns. Take time to educate yourself about effective investment management, or better yet, consult the professionals. Take proper guidance to make your fortune grow in 2017.

Diversify your investment portfolio.
You can make your investment basket work harder by diversifying it to mitigate challenges that 2017 may bring. Be bullish and aggressive in taking investments that you know would yield greater results.

Do not gawk too long over your wins.
Are your investments delivering the expected results or even exceeding those? Together with your financial advisor, review the performance of your investment regularly so you can appropriately make well-thought of decisions and actions when needed.

Keep an eye on the prize.
Be inspired by the hard-working rooster and keep your eye on the attainment of your goals. For sure, there will be challenges that you have to face along the way but always find ways to address and overcome those setbacks.

Work with a reliable team.
As you start 2017 with a bang, connect with a team that can instantly get you started in achieving your life goals. Pursue your financial goals with Insular Life and have fortune on your side with the right mindset and that burning determination, perfect for the Year of the Fire Rooster.

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