Google PH reveals top trending searches in 2016

Love for pop culture among Filipinos was evident this year, based on the top searches for 2016 in Google. The most searched topic in the entire year was ‘Love Yourself,’ a song by Justin Bieber from his fourth CD Purpose. Several Filipino performers also uploaded their own cover versions of the song, including the popular heartthrob James Reid and rising YouTube sensation Kristel Fulgar.

Trailing close behind ‘Love Yourself’ were popular game applications and Pokemon Go, the second and third most searched topics in the Philippines for 2016, respectively. is a multiplayer game that reminded Filipinos of the old mobile phone classic Snake game, where a player is required to make the snake grow by collecting gems and defeating other snakes. Pokemon Go, which was launched in August, is an app where a player catches pocket monsters in strategic areas across the country.

Election 2016 was the most searched news topic in Google Philippines, while President Rodrigo Duterte and Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach were the most searched male and female personalities throughout the year. The most talked about movie based on Google searches was ‘Train to Busan,’ while ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (a Koreanovela aired over GMA-7) was the most searched about TV show. Here’s a complete list of top topics that were searched in Google in the Philippines in 2016 per category.

Overall top trending searches in the Philippines:
1. Love Yourself
3. Pokemon Go
4. Train to Busan
5. Closer
7. Rodrigo Duterte
8. Secret Love Song
9. Olympic Games Rio 2016
10. Suicide Squad

1. Election 2016
2. Brexit
3. Harambe
4. Supermoon
5. Davao bombing
6. Typhoon Lawin
7. Orlando shooting
8. Vice Presidential Debate
9. Panama Papers
10. Japan earthquake

Male personalities:
1. Rodrigo Duterte
2. Song Joon Ki
3. Donald Trump
4. Gong Yoo
5. Tom Hiddleston
6. Alden Richards
7. Jared Leto
8. Charlie Puth
9. Kevin Durant
10. Usain Bolt

Female personalities:
1. Pia Wurtzbach
2. Maine Mendoza
3. Margot Robbie
4. Arci Muñoz
5. Hailee Steinfeld
6. Sue Ramirez
7. 4th Impact
8. Song Hye Kyo
9. Elisse Joson
10. Leni Robredo

1. Olympic Games Rio 2016
2. Election 2016
3. Pacquiao vs Vargas
4. Pacquiao vs Bradley 3
5. US Election
6. Euro 2016
7. Chinese New Year 2016
8. SONA 2016
9. NBA Playoffs 2016
10. Star Magic Ball 2016

Songs (Lyrics):
1. Love Yourself
2. Closer
3. Secret Love Song
4. Sorry
5. One Call Away
6. Roses
7. 7 Years
8. Kriminal
9. Locked Away
10. Stitches

Local vacation destinations:
1. Kalanggaman Island
2. Cebu City
3. Boracay Island
4. Iloilo
5. Fortune Island, Batangas
6. Magalawa Island, Zambales
7. Potipot Island, Zambales
8. Camotes Island
9. Bantayan Island
10. Binurong Point, Catanduanes

International vacation destinations:
1. Barcelona, Spain
2. Ireland
3. Universal Studios, Singapore
4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
5. Ibiza, Spain
6. Papua New Guinea
7. Florida, USA
8. Grand Canyon, Arizona
9. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
10. Iceland

1. Train to Busan
2. Suicide Squad
3. Deadpool
4. Conjuring 2
5. Captain America Civil War
6. Me Before You
7. The Corpse of Anna Fritz
8. Beauty and the Bestie
9. The Flu
10. Batman vs Superman

TV shows:
1. Descendants of the Sun
2. Stranger Things
3. Legend of the Blue Sea
4. Encantadia
5. Dolce Amore
6. Ang Probinsyano
7. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
8. Born for You
9. Cinderella and Four Knights
10. On the Wings of Love

2. Pokemon Go
3. Google App
4. Clash of Clans
5. Google Street View
6. Google Translate
7. Animal Jam
8. Spotify
9. Messenger


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