YouTube gives Silver Play Button Awards to top Filipino creators

Before 2016 folds up, YouTube is giving recognition to top video creators from around the world. The aim is to recognize the most popular channels based on subscription count and commitment to express and connect with audiences through the video-sharing platform.

YouTube Creator Awards has three categories. The Diamond Play Button is given to creators whose YouTube channels have exceeded 1 million subscribers. It is so far the highest award conferred to creators anywhere in the world.

The Gold Play Button is a recognition for YouTube creators whose subscribers reach over 1 million. The awardee is handed a framed limited-edition gold-plated play button with the name of his or her channel. Lastly, the Silver Play Button is for creators whose channels accumulate 100,000 subscribers. The award comes with a framed limited-edition silver play button with the name of his or her channel.

In the Philippines, YouTube has recently given Silver Play Button award to 11 YouTube creators whose respective channels accumulate more than 100,000 subscribers as of December 10. Not surprisingly, the list of awardees comprise of popular celebrities and vloggers (video bloggers), who have been actively posting creative videos in their respective YouTube channels.


Some local YouTube creators attended the year-end party wherein the videosharing site also gave away Silver Play Button awards.

Metro Manila’s Wish 107.5 FM tops the list of awardees this season. The radio station’s channel features various local artists who perform original songs and covers of popular selections.

Vlogger Michelle Dy proves that makeup tutorials work online. Aside from sharing makeup techniques, skincare recommendations, and budget-friendly beauty tips, her channel is also popular for sharing celebrity-inspired makeup tutorials.

The third most popular YouTube channel in the country belongs to reality TV star Wil Dasovich, who is currently becoming a household name through his stint in Pinoy Big Brother. Will hits it big online with his miniseries ‘The Art of Tagalog,’ a mix of comedy and travel blogging.

The list also includes celebrities Andrea Brillantes and Erwan Heussaff. Brillantes is a rising teen star, who is fast becoming influential among teeners online, while Heussaff is a popular restaurateur and entrepreneur, who is also best known as the fiancé of popular TV-movie actress Anne Curtis.


Teen star Andrea Brillantes and celebrity-restaurateur Erwan Heussaff

Here is the list of awardees:

1. Wish 107.5 FM (595,914 subscribers)
2. Michelle Dy (265,500 subscribers)
3. Wil Dasovich (243,894 subscribers)
4. Angelo Casimiro (230,454 subscribers)
5. Janina Vela (192,176 subscribers)
6. Andrea Brillantes (173,811 subscribers)
7. Anne Clutz (166,199 subscribers)
8. Chris Cantada (152,559 subscribers)
9. Erwan Heussaff (142,585 subscribers)
10. Say Tioco Artillero (127,176 subscribers)
11. Ralph Jay (127,004 subscribers)

In terms of total channel views, Chris Cantada is topping the list, accumulating more than 229 million views. Cantada’s channel is dedicated to his life as a Power Rangers cosplayer. For his ‘Red is Forever’ video alone, where he gathered 20 cosplayers, Cantada has so far generated more than 22 million views.


Pinoy Power Ranger Chris Cantada

Here is the list of top Silver Play Button awardees based on total channel views (as of December 10, 2016):

1. Chris Cantada (229,168,147 views)
2. Wish 107.5 FM (210,811,657 views)
3. Ralph Jay (45,546,017 views)
4. Wil Dasovich (31,738,290 views)
5. Michelle Dy (27,773,404 views)
6. Say Tioco Artillero (25,849,740 views)
7. Anne Clutz (19,878,246 views)
8. Angelo Casimiro (14,805,908 views)
9. Janina Vela (11,759,422 views)
10. Andrea Brillantes (11,530,693 views)
11. Erwan Heussaff (8,097,567 views)


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