Google makes video calling simpler, better

By now, you know that Google would not stop to improve things for everyone. Finally, the giant technology firm has launched in the Philippines its new video chat app that is designed to work on smartphones.

If you have been using FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, and other video calling programs online and on mobile, you would be delighted to know that Google Duo is here to make one-on-one video calling much easier, faster, and more enjoyable.


How it works
Google Duo is a mobile app that can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android. Instantly sign up to enable the app to check your smartphone’s or SIM card’s phonebook. Google Duo would then send a confirmation SMS.

That completes the setup process of the service. There is no need to create any account or put up a special friends list. The service is directly tied to your existing mobile number and contacts list.

To start a video call, simply open the app and tap on the face of the contact you intend to call. Once the person answers, the one-on-one video chat is immediately initiated. Its simplicity makes it work better. However, it may not facilitate conference calls or carry out fancy features that you may already be using in other video conference apps.


Knock Knock
For another amazing feature, Google Duo has ‘Knock Knock,’ which makes it more exciting than the rest. Knock Knock makes it possible to show a live video of your caller even before you tap the ‘answer’ button to initiate the video call.

This way, you can be certain who is calling you. The fun part with this is that your caller can make funny faces or be more creative in an attempt to further entice you to pick up the call. Say goodbye to the usual “Hello, are you there?” opening line.

However, Knock Knock would only work for people who are already saved in your contacts list. Videos of random callers would not show up unless you tap the ‘answer’ button.

Google Duo also facilitates seamless transition if you are switching from Wi-Fi Internet service to cellular network. Now, you can start a video call while on Wi-Fi then switch to cellular network for better online connection, without the usually annoying need to drop the call first.

Can’t wait to try Google Duo? Download it for free on Apple Store or Google Play now.


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