Chocolate beer, other delights in Chocolate Festival Manila

Chocolate lovers and beer drinkers are estranged bedfellows. For those who love chocolates and beer, here’s a chance to enjoy both at the same time. If you are yet to try Nipa Brew’s chocolate beer, now is the time to finally indulge in it.

Nipa Brew, made by craft brewer Nipa Foods, is one of the proudly Filipino businesses that are showcasing their specialty products at the Sweet November: Chocolate Festival Manila, happening this weekend, November 5 and 6 , 2016 at Picasso Boutique Serviced Residence located at 119 Leviste Street, Makati City. The gate opens from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sweet November: Chocolate Festival Manila is another event organized by CreatePHPopUp, which promotes and celebrates local finds that showcase Filipino craftsmanship and creativity. This organizer regularly holds pocket events, sets up tours, and disseminates press releases that effectively facilitate networking among local entrepreneurs and their prospective business partners and consumers.


CreatePHPopUp supports small businesses and brands that its founder, Carissa Villacorta, genuinely loves and believes in. There is more to that. “When you support them, you know that you are really making a difference in a family or in a community,” Villacorta said.

“It is very important for us to support small businesses to encourage them to keep going, and maybe eventully to help bring them from the Philippines to the world,” she added. CreatePHPopUp aims to continuously showcase quality local products that are at par with international counterparts.

Aside from Nipa Brew, Sweet November: Chocolate Festival Manila will also feature chocolate products from other businesses, most of which are based in Cebu and are founded by young Filipinos who are in their 20s and 30s.

It is top-billed by The Chocolate Chamber, a small Cebu-based business founded in 2011 by the Philippines’ Chocolate Queen Raquel Choa. The brand is best known for its luxurious tablea truffles, which have become famous especially for balikbayans.


Papa Churros is a promising startup brand founded by 22-year-old entrepreneur Anton Aldeguer. The famous Churros instantly became a hit when it was first introduced in the dessert menu of Hala Paella, a fast casual restaurant in Cebu City that Aldeguer manages. Because of the warm market reception, the young businessman decided to make a spinoff enterprise focusing on his Churros. Papa Churros is now up for franchising in Metro Manila, making it an ideal opportunity for other entrepreneurs.

Lastly, DezatoMochi Café sells mouth-watering chocolate mochi. Its regular customers attest to the premium product’s richness and softness. The brand is also famous for its occasional offering, chocolate mochi covered strawberries.


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