Smartphones get even more affordable

The evolution of smartphones remains unstoppable. As the war of the tech brands lives on, consumers take further advantage of the expanding options available in the ever-growing market for modern devices.

About a decade after the introduction of the modern smartphone, there are now entry-level devices that amazingly offer major features, conveniences, and reliability required by the end-users. Indeed, there is an interesting buyers’ market.

Torque Mobile believes there is now no excuse to own a smartphone as it launches its EGO series Boost Edition, a new line-up that democratizes the full-pledged smartphone.

As one of the leading manufacturers of Android-based devices in the Philippines, the brand takes on the commitment to offer noteworthy smartphones and tablets at the most reasonable tag prices, empowering more budget-conscious consumers and bolstering their purchase power.

“Much like the human ego, we view the now-ubiquitous smartphone as something that is here to stay,” said Torque Mobile CEO Chris Uyco. “Owning a smartphone is now easier than it has ever been.”

EGO series devices
Torque Mobile has unveiled 11 new smartphones under its EGO series Boost Edition, which is divided into six categories, each addressing the demand and preferences of modern device users.

The most affordable category is the Android Boost, with its EGO Zero model—a touchscreen smartphone that can connect to the Internet via cellular data or Wi-Fi. It is powered by Android 4.4 KitKat, with dual SIM and 2MP rear camera. Price tag is P999.

Performance Boost category has two smartphone models: EGO Surf S and EGO Max S, both with 5MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, and Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. Price tags are P1,799 and P2,099, respectively.

Obviously, Memory Boost smartphones are for heavy users who use a lot of storage memory. The EGO Surf i and EGO Max i are sold for P1,999 and P2,599, respectively.

For the Connectivity Boost category, EGO Chat and EGO Boost smartphones can connect to the Internet via 3G/HSPA+ or Wi-Fi. Both are equipped with 2MP rear and 2MP front cameras. Meanwhile, the EGO Zoom 4G has connectivity via 4G LTE mobile data with 8MP rear and 5MP front cameras. Prices are at P1,399, P1,499, and P3,499.


Engaging devices
For those who love taking photos and selfies, Camera Boost smartphones are the best options. The EGO Pro is sold at P2,399, while the EGO Max is available for P2,899. Both are equipped with 8MP rear and 5MP front cameras.

Lastly, the Entertainment Boost category has EGO Beat TV, which is most unique with its Mobile TV feature, perfect for TV addicts who want to watch their favorite free TV shows while traveling or enduring the usually tiring metro traffic. It has an amazing tag price of just P1,199.

Torque Mobile’s EGO series Boost Edition even offers a lineup of modern tablets under its Tablet Boost category. For price tags ranging from P1,699 to P2,599, there are four tablets to choose from (Tab S, Tab Q, Phab, and Phab 3G).

EGO Speaks community
Torque Mobile’s surprise does not end there. Aside from its new lineup, the brand also launched its Torque EGO Speaks, an online forum that facilitates exchanges of ideas among its users.

The online community serves as an accessible venue where users can easily voice their concerns, provide feedback, and connect with other EGO consumers. “Through Torque EGO Speaks, we are empowering our users so they can enjoy easy interaction and near-effortless communication with each other,” said Uyco. The online community can be found at

Torque EGO series Boost Edition devices are now available through thousands of distributors and retailers nationwide.


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