Solar Entertainment rolls out integrated rebranding of TV channels

Something big is happening to local cable TV on October 16, 2016. Solar Entertainment Corporation is set to make another history in the boob tube as it rolls out its first integrated rebranding execution of its major cable channels.

At exactly 8 p.m., ETC, 2nd Avenue, Jack TV, Solar Sports, and Basketball TV will simultaneously stage transformation with their respective new logos. The rebranding will not just be about sporting new look; it is also about the way the channels present their program lineup considering the ever-changing viewing habits and evolving mindsets of television viewers.

Fresh approach
“We are doing the change of the broadcast design simultaneously for higher impact and to bring more excitement for the channels and its viewers,” said Solar Entertainment Corporation President and CEO Wilson Tieng. “Through this venture, we aim to boost viewership and market share by giving a fresh take on our channels and topnotch content tied with the new look,” he added.

Solar Entertainment is still the largest content provider and cable channel operator not just in the Philippines but in the entire Southeast Asia. Its network is currently comprised of seven channels: ETC, 2nd Avenue, Jack TV, Solar Sports, Basketball TV, CT, and NBA Premium.


Solar Entertainment President and CEO Wilson Tieng

Keeping up with the times
The TV network continues to grow and keep up with the fast-changing landscape amid the ongoing evolution of content delivery and technology in the market. “Solar has kept its fingers on the pulse of media-savvy Filipino audiences,” said Tieng. “We pay attention to emerging viewing habits while at the same time, setting the trend and changing mindsets.”

Amid the emergence of the digital media, the company aims to stay on the top of its game as the pioneer in bringing local audiences access to international TV shows, sporting events, films, and online content. “We have to open all the avenues for marketing and revenue. It creates the challenge of gaining traction with your audience, especially the millenials, and support from advertisers,” Tieng explained.

Tieng hinted that this joint rebranding is just the start of more exciting things to come. Solar Entertainment is set to make more thrilling announcements this fourth quarter of the year and in the first few months of 2017 especially about channel content and digital endeavors.


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