Find out why FB disabled a user’s account for sharing a cat photo

Be very careful when sharing photos on Facebook. You might possibly be locked out of your account on the social networking site for surprising reasons.

On September 30, technology blogger Varun Krishnan got the biggest surprise when he found out that his Facebook account was suspended. The biggest surprise came when he realized that he was locked out from the Website after sharing with a friend a photo of a cute and innocent-looking cat.

“I was chatting with friends, got one cat image on WhatsApp, it was so cute that I sent it to a friend,” the Chennai, India-based blogger recalled. Krishnan said he had no idea that the action would lead him to social media trouble.

Thus, when his Facebook Messenger app suddenly logged out and asked him to re-enter his credentials, he had a gut feeling that something went wrong. Immediately after, he received a notification that his account had been disabled.


This is the cute cat photo that led to blocking of some users’ accounts. 

So what was with the seemingly innocent cat photo that led to FB’s action? It was a cute photo of a cat wearing a suit. Nothing seems to be off with it except for some obvious blurred text in an unidentified foreign language.

According to reports, there were other Facebook users who were also blocked from their social networking accounts after sharing the same cute photo.

Meanwhile, Facebook has apologized for the odd incident and has already reinstated Krishnan’s account. However, the Website is yet to offer any explanation as to how and why that photo violated its terms of service.

Facebook has been suspending accounts of users who violate certain provisions in the Website’s sharing services. However, the company’s judgement over its punitive action has been questioned numerous times.


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