Find out what displaced ‘Pokémon Go’ as top-grossing iOS gaming app

The reign of Pokémon Go as the top-grossing app in Apple’s app store in the U.S. was cut short after 74 days. This happened a week after its creator, Nintendo Co, launched a wearable device that could make it easier to play the mobile app game.

The culprit was Clash Royale, developed by Finland’s game maker Supercell Oy. The winning streak of this familiar foe came just a day after it released an update to its battle game, which included new virtual goodies for sale, a new tournament mode, and hefty discounts on existing items. These revved up app users’ spending on the game.


Despite its huge success, Pokémon Go’s stint as the top-grossing iOS app was only the third longest in the app store’s history. The record is being held by Clash of Clans, which dominated the list for 347 consecutive days until it was bumped off by Game of War: Fire Age in February 2015.


Meanwhile, another popular gaming app Candy Crush Saga from King Digital Entertainment was at No. 1 for 109 days before it was displaced by Clash of Clans in August 2013.


However, Pokémon Go remains as the top-grossing app on Google Play in the U.S., while Clash Royale is trailing behind at the fourth spot. Source said Niantic and Pokémon Co have plans of launching more enhancements to the game like character trades and player battles in the coming weeks. Moreover, there are plans to integrate the game into the new Apple Watch.


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