Local airlines join ban on using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board

Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia have started advising their passengers against charging or even using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on all their flights. The local carriers said the measure is in compliance with directives from the International Air Transport Association.

In the United States, passengers who own Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are being advised to turn off the devices completely and refrain from charging those on board. They are also instructed not to ship the device in the cargo hold.

In the home front, Philippine Airlines is strictly implementing non-acceptance of cargo shipments containing the banned Samsung device, whether it is brand new or old. AirAsia, for its part, is also doing the same and has strictly warned its passengers not to stow the device in any checked baggage.

Globally, several international carriers have banned the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board. Those include Emirates Airline, Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways, and Australian carriers Qantas, Virgin Australia, and Jetstar.

On September 2, Samsung, currently the biggest smartphone company in the world, admitted that it has stopped selling Note 7 to ensure its consumers’ safety. Since then, it has recalled over 2.5 million units of the device following verified reports of battery explosions.


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