Wine appreciation steadily rises in the Philippines

Local consumers are starting to shift to wine, as indicated by over 40% increase in consumption of the beverage in 2015. According to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), although beer is still the top favorite liquor in the country, wine (particularly the red variety) has been gaining more following in the “sin” market.

Many market analysts cite increasing awareness about the health benefits (if taken moderately) of wine to the rising preference for this type of liquor. A number of researches from the U.S. found that drinking up to two glasses of wine daily (especially after a meal) can help protect women from breast cancer and men from colon cancer. Some other studies found that drinking wine can help improve cardiac and mental health.

Another factor to the growing popularity of wine could be its accessibility. It is now widely available at groceries and many other retail outlets. Along with that comes affordability, with many bottles of wine having tag prices of just around P250 to P300 each.

In the Philippines, imported wines remain the top preference of consumers. Those come from different wine-producing nations. These days, more Filipino wine enthusiasts are focusing on Chilean wines, which can easily be considered as among the best.


Pablo Pressac, an award-winning wine expert from Chile, recently came to Manila to share insights about drinking the best wines and pairing those with food. During a dinner-event with him, Pressac explained why Chilean wines taste better.

“There are a lot of small wineries in Chile that produce fine wines and are simply not taking off because they don’t have budget, or simply don’t have much support,” said Pressac. “Geography plays a big part in making Chilean wines special,” he added.

The geography and topography of the South American country is said to be ideal factors for creating barriers that favor consistent growth and yield of grapes that are used to make fine wine. The area also is neither too hot that keeps at minimum pests and possible plant diseases.

Concha Y Toro from the popular winery by Don Melchor Concha Y Toro is one of the most popular Chilean wines. It is now also widely available in the Philippines through its local distributor, Fly Ace Corporation. Other Chilean wines in the market include Marques de Casa Concha, Don Melchor, and what is considered as the most notable, Carmin de Puemo Camenere.



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