5 premium pizzas determine your personality type this National Pizza Day

You may not have any idea but your topping preferences when it comes to pizza may actually say something about your own personality. As the Medical Daily puts it, your eating preferences could somehow indicate the type of person you are.

This may not be surprising as taste is intricately linked to our central nervous system, which in turn has something to do with our emotions and behavior.

From August 15 to 16, California Kitchen (CPK) is set to celebrate its annual National Pizza Day. During these two days, the restaurant chain will implement its special buy-one-get-one-free pizza, wherein its customers in all its eight locations in the Philippines can buy any pizza in the menu and get another for free, choosing from an exclusive selection of premium pizzas that embody the spirit of California Creativity.

This year (2016), CPK is bringing back the following fan favorite pizzas. Be part of National Pizza Day and get to know your inner personality just by determining which of these types of pizza you love. Are you ready to indulge and take this simple test?


Traditional Cheese

CPK thinks nothing can go wrong with traditional cheese.


If you prefer your pizza full of cheese, your traits are more likely to include being indulgent, driven, and goal-oriented. You may be the kind of person who likes feeding all your senses, reveling in life’s little pleasures.

Loading on traditional cheese may indicate that you are not in any way afraid to have a lot on your plate. This means that your personality is the type who knows what he/she wants in life. Moreover, you are not likely to hesitate to strive for the attainment of your goals.


Salami + Bacon

This is CPK’s version of a special meat lover’s pizza with mozzarella cheese, red and yellow onion slices, salami, and Canadian bacon.


This is the pizza that is most likely preferred by people who has a deep care for loved ones. Those individuals are usually more comfortable staying at home and spending quality time with friends and family.

The personality type of these pizza lovers tend to be on the side of the uncomplicated, those who are for drama-free existence. However, they also keep the fun side.


Hawaiian Pepperoni Pizza

Say aloha to the combination of rustic and spicy pepperoni, pineapples, and mozzarella.


The sweet and the savory mix in this pizza. This is more likely for people who have a confident approach to life. They are not the type who will worry too much or be anxious.

What is interesting about this personality type is that the people who have it are not cocky but are comfortable with who they actually are. Just like the combination of Hawaiian flavors and pepperoni, those who prefer this pizza are well loved for their unique personality and quirky flair.


Garlic Chicken
CPK makes this pizza unique. It has mozzarella cheese, parmesan, yellow onion slices, roasted garlic, and pulled chicken.


People who prefer this pizza could be those who would not settle with boring ‘normal’ toppings. If this is your favorite CPK creation, then you are more likely to be someone who is comfortable in accessing your creative side.

You could be wild and adventurous. Others may count on you for fun time. But at the same time, you could always be a constant source of inspiration to friends and family members.


Mixed Vegetarian

Looking for a light and healthy pizza? CPK offers this with mozzarella cheese, red onions, green peppers, cherry tomatoes, jicama and sweet white corn, topped with parmesan and basil chiffonade.


In general, a veggie lover is likely to be sensitive, but no cry baby. Don’t get it wrong but this personality gives way to easier access to emotions. But at the same time, such people may be secretive that they are not comfortable broadcasting how they feel to other people.

They may possess some kind of secret fire along with boldness that is bound to surprise the world once they allow their inner selves to be out.

There’s more! On National Pizza Day, you can also try Anchovies + Goat Cheese Pizza, which was the big winner in CPK’s Pizza Wars this year. Enjoy National Pizza Day from morning until night on August 15 and 16 in CPK stores located in Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Power Plant Mall Rockwell, Alabang Town Center, W Global Center BGC, Greenbelt 5, Promenade Greenhills, SM Mall of Asia, and Century City Mall.


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