How to find the best chargers, powerbanks for your devices

Surely, modern Filipinos could not last a day, or even an hour, without checking emails/SMS or playing app games in their mobile phones or tablets.

That is why fast chargers and powerbanks are also gaining popularity these days. Unfortunately, there are not enough good options available in the market today.

One of the emerging leaders when it comes to support devices and mobile power, Anker, has finally launched its lineup of reliable products in the Philippines. Here are some of the chargers and powerbanks that you should check out today:

Super-fast chargers
Gone are the times when you had to stick to standard chargers that are hard-wired and come with a single charging protocol. With Anker’s PowerIQ technology, you can now use a standard device charger that can detect and even replicate the charging protocol of your mobile phone or tablet’s original charger. Thus, charging at full speed can be guaranteed.

Also to rave about Anker is its VoltageBoost features. These enable the standard chargers to detect any cable resistance and in effect make up for it, even increasing the voltage usage if necessary.

Durable and reliable lightning cable and wall charger
Anker’s Nylon Braided Lightning Cable facilitates syncing and charging of your iPhone or iPad with speed reaching up to 20% faster compared to charging speed of other non-certified cables. What’s more? This Cable comes with unique and verifiable serial number along with an authorization chip issued by Apple itself to ensure full compatibility with any Apple device that uses Lightning charger. Premium nylon fabric makes it extra durable. (SRP is PHP1,150.)

If you have always been on the lookout for a truly reliable power saver for charging of devices, check out the brand’s Powerport 6. The 60-watt port wall charger has 6 ports, so you could charge numerous devices at the same time. It is also built using industry grade materials and premium circuitry. (SRP is PHP1,950.)


Charger and battery saver in one
Is the short battery life of your devices a constant hassle? Anker’s PowerCore series saves high capacity power that could last for days, up to a week! The product line also redefines charging speed with style and portability.

PowerCore 10,400 guarantees fast possible charging speed of up to 3 amps. There are two fast-charging USB ports that facilitate simultaneous charging of two smart phones or tablets at the same time. (SRP is PHP2,450.)

PowerCore 15,600 will keep going for days. You should not worry about running out of battery life again as you could rely on its 4.8A output. Thus, you could simultaneously charge combination of devices at full speed. (SRP is PHP3,450.)

Lastly, PowerCore 20,100 facilitates charging of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S seven times! This brings about longer-lasting and portable power that could enable you to play Pokemon Go all day, every day. This power saver is also ideal for long trips. (SRP is PHP4,450.)

Anker’s extensive product line is exclusively available in select Power Mac Center locations nationwide.


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