What you should know about ‘road therapy’

Do you agree that traveling is not just about physical transportation? To most of us, this activity has evolved to gain a deeper meaning. It could be an emotional transformation and a way to recharge the body, mind, and spirit.

Nonetheless, traveling has become a way of life especially for numerous Filipino families of today. Amid the continuous economic growth of the country and the advent of online booking of trips, traveling is now made easier and more convenient.

For tire manufacturer Goodyear, traveling paves the opportunity to enjoy ultimate bonding experiences with friends and family members. That is why it recently launched its ‘Road Therapy’ campaign.

“Whether through planned vacations or spontaneous road trips, travel is now a weekend staple for Filipinos,” said Goodyear Philippines Market Director Kenneth Sambajon. “This is evident in the steady spike of local tourism as recognized by the Department of Tourism and in our newsfeed in our social media sites.”

‘Magical thing’
Sambajon described a typical family road trip as a ‘magical thing.’ “It’s a shared moment unhindered by daily routine, a precious occasion for open conversation, a common space for a little off-key singing.” He added that a family road trip is a treasured opportunity to create fond new memories and to grow a little closer with the people who matter most.

As part of the campaign, Goodyear launched a new product targeting traveling families who are more likely embarked in their mid-SUVs as they traverse roads from one place to another in search of memorable bonding experiences.

Aligned with the Road Therapy campaign, the tire maker describes its Goodyear Wrangler TripleMax Tires as its “best SUV tires to date.” During the product’s grand launch held at Green Sun in Makati City, Sambajon justified the brand’s move to target the segment.

“SUVs often serve as family cars in the Philippines,” he said. “Thus, safety and dependability especially when it comes to tires are musts.”


Advanced features
“A tire for a mid-sized SUV should excel in all the areas that a normal tire should, such as grip, short braking distance, and durability,” Sambajon added. “Tires also need to be exceptional in other areas, specifically wet weather braking and road hazard resistance; because these are the attributes for which many car buyers in the Philippines purchase SUVs, and in turn these are the very attributes that make those vehicles uniquely suited to Philippine driving conditions.”

To help families gear up for short or long drives, Goodyear designed its Wrangler TripleMax to provide exceptional wet grip through its proprietary HYDROGRIP Technology, equipped with an innovative new tread compound and intended to maximize control through larger surface area contact patch.

The new tire also delivers improved braking ability as it has biting edges with large block elements. These and more new features combine to make the Goodyear Wrangler Triplemax an ideal choice to ensure comfortable and safer road trip rides for the modern Filipino families.

To learn more, visit http://www.goodyear.com.ph.


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