3 features that make Panasonic 4K UHD LED TVs outstanding

Living by its slogan that commits to “a better life, a better world,” Panasonic has recently unveiled its expanded lineup of 4K Ultra High-Definition (UHD) LED TVs.

The new batch of Panasonic 4K Pro TVs are set to re-shape the future of television technology through latest innovations in 4K UHD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technologies.

Superb picture quality
Your television or home video viewing experience will never be the same again when you get to enjoy the lifelike picture quality of Panasonic’s 4K PRO Ultra HD with Hexa Chroma Drive Pro.

The right brightness and color contrast combine with 6 Color Reproduction (RGB + CMY Color Management) to bring pictures that are closer to life leaving no color behind. Plus, the integrated professional 3D Color Management Systems enable setting of color space in extremely fine brightness for superior color expression.

Moreover, Panasonic has collaborated with Mike Sowa, a Hollywood colorist, along with Jon Cielo, an international filmmaker, to make sure that its picture quality abides by every filmmaker’s vision.

Smart features via Firefox OS
Firefox OS (2.5) powers Panasonic Smart TV to facilitate smart features. Thus, the screen is graphically rich with intuitive interface making it quick and easy to trace viewer’s favorite content with much ease.

With Home Screen 2.0, platform content is divided into three easily navigable ‘decks’–the Live TV deck, the Apps deck, and the Devices deck. One can comfortably personalize the home screen by pinning his favorite content and apps to it.

Firefox OS even brings in improved connectivity as it uses the open Web standards and greater flexibility for developers through Web Application Programming Interface (Web API) that facilitates connected experiences in various platforms.

Artistic unit design with adjustable pedestal
In the true Panasonic tradition, Panasonic’s 4K UHD LED TVs create solutions that seamlessly harmonize and add value to the aesthetics of its home environment.

The pursuit brings about TVs with picture quality and styling that easily transform into works of art. The units are also designed to further enhance the most stylish modern interiors, while meeting the demands of designs for various lifestyles.


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