Visiting Google executives described this BPO site as “better than Google offices”

One of the pioneer and biggest business processing outsourcing (BPO) companies operating in the Philippines is continuously expanding and it does so in a stylish, innovative way. Concentrix this year opened its new state-of-the-art site at Tera Tower, a newly constructed building in Bridgetowne (a new developing business center by Robinsons Land) in Quezon City.

To date, the site occupies 22,500 square meters of office space area. Over the next three years, the global business services firm will occupy a total of 57,500 square meters of land area in Tera and two other towers to be completed in the same complex, Exxa and Zeta.

At the first phase of Concentrix’s expansion in Bridgetowne, the company already accommodates growth in high-value services, providing a comfortable and modern working environment for its exceptional people.

“Our growth in the Philippines demonstrates the tremendous talent that’s here and our continued commitment to this region,” said Concentrix President Chris Caldwell. “Our staff represent some of the world’s best brands and repeatedly deliver better customer experience and improved business outcomes for our clients.”

Concentrix’s Tera Tower site comprises of 11 floors for operations and back office work and a dedicated recruitment hub found in the building’s ground floor. The company boasts of a relaxed working space in its effort to promote overall well-being and maximum productivity among its diverse talent pool.

In a recent formal event, Concentrix invited us to tour its Tera Tower site. We were caught by a previous release that some visiting Google executives described the facility as “better than Google offices.” Most of the press people who were invited, this author included, can easily agree to that.

Take a peek into the modern, stylish, and creative site of Concentrix, Tera Tower. The company said it also has plans of redesigning some of its existing sites in Metro Manila, Naga, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao so its other staff can also experience working in a differently conducive environment.


The recruitment hub





Training rooms




The main pantry


Locker room


Operations and support areas




Meeting rooms



Would you believe, there’s a sleeping lounge?


The basketball arcade will let athletic employees take the stress away.


Relax and enjoy some precious time with any of these massage chairs.


For breastfeeding moms, pumping milk into bottles while at work won’t be a hassle anymore.


There’s a clinic, of course.


The Lounge, karaoke and movie room.


The Cafeteria also offers breathtaking view of the metro.



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