Why you should watch out for OTJ mini-series on HOOQ

HOOQ is again giving Filipino online users another first—obviously its own way of thanking its customers for making it the Philippines’ No. 1 paid video-on-demand service with more than 180,000 subscribers since it launched locally on March 1, 2015.

Asia’s first and biggest premium video-on-demand service provider has entered into a landmark co-production deal with telecom giant Globe Telecom and independent film outfit Reality Entertainment. The trio is all set to produce HOOQ’s first original mini-series, which will be based on the multi-award winning flick ‘On The Job (OTJ).’

The crime thriller OTJ, the movie, was produced and released in 2013. It was then co-produced by Reality Entertainment and ABS-CBN’s Star Cinema, which included it in its roster of 20th anniversary offerings that year. The film also made waves outside the country, as it had world premiere in the prestigious 2013 Cannes Film Festival in France and the Directors’ Fortnight.

Reflection of society 

The film tackled relevant society issues particularly the impact of corruption by politicians and policemen. It was directed by controversial filmmaker Erik Matti and starred Piolo Pascual, Gerald Anderson, and Joel Torre.

After three years, the team behind the awarded film aims to continue the saga, this time in another platform. “It’s about time that we expand the themes that we started in the original On The Job movie,” said Matti. “Creating a mini-series exclusively for a video-on-demand service like HOOQ will allow us to explore unique stories that will be sure to pull in viewers who will want to get more immersed in this compelling world we’re building.”

Matti added that producing a mini-series is ideal for him as it would allow his team to expand the world, introduce more characters, and tell the story with more depth that may not be afforded in a typical two-hour movie. “A six- to eight-episode series is exciting to explore.”

Optimized-hooq twitter

Representatives from Reality Entertainment, Globe Telecom, and HOOQ

Exciting things

So what could the movie’s followers look forward to now that taping for the six-part mini-series would commence soon for a Fourth-Quarter target release? Matti gave some hints. First, a media angle would be added to bring more complications (and excitement) to the story. OTJ the series can be expected to also tackle the issues hounding the local media (social media, video, online platforms, and radio).

Second, there would be new characters to be introduced that will surely excite the viewers. Though we may not expect Piolo Pascual’s character to return, Matti assured that the persona portrayed by Joel Torre would still play a crucial role to the story. Matti refused to disclose some names, but he assured that there’s an interesting lineup of actors who are entering the picture.

And lastly, because the mini-series would be available on-demand, viewers can easily access and watch it anytime of the day, wherever they could be. HOOQ also disclosed that OTJ the series would also be released internationally, particularly in India, Thailand, and Indonesia.


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