Toyo Fest Philippines 2016 infuses purpose into car events


Music and cars make a good combination. No wonder it was the formula applied when hundreds of Toyota car owners from across Luzon gathered on May 14 at the Clark Parade Grounds in Clark, Pampanga for Toyo Fest Philippines 2016.

After staging a successful event in Bulacan last year, Toyo Fest Philippines has aimed to make this year’s gathering of Toyota vehicle owners different.

“It’s about time car clubs take a purpose,” said festival founder Martin Estrella. “We want to change the concept of how we look at cars. We want to innovate.”

This year, Toyo Fest Philippines adopts the mission to gather as many Toyota vehicle owners and enthusiasts from across the country. It now runs with the vision to be the most anticipated Toyota-based event of the year. “There has to be a better meaning to it,” Esterella reiterated.

Unlike last year’s event, Toyo Fest Philippines 2016 is mounting three gatherings. The kick off was the one held in Clark. As intended, the first leg was made enjoyable and fun. The daylong event assembled numerous food trucks and staged Frisbee competitions and barbecues. In the evening, the participants also enjoyed a music festival, the Fuse Festival, wherein international disc jockeys (DJs) from the country, Japan, and Switzerland performed for a party that lasted until the morning.

Optimized-toyo 1

The second leg of Toyo Fest Philippines is set on June 18 at Sugbo Grounds in Cebu. It is designed to be the serious part, wherein invited experts will conduct special drivers’ seminars to impart proper knowledge and etiquette when driving. Simultaneously, a Slalom and Autocross event will take place to demonstrate how drivers can observe responsible driving while on the track.

To wrap up this year’s Toyo Fest, a culminating event is set on July 23 at the McKinley West Grounds in Taguig City. On this last leg, Toyota drivers will take oath to ensure road safety and protection across the country. To make this event more interesting, vintage, high-performance, and rare Toyota vehicles from all generations will be showcased.

Toyota vehicle owners (any model) can drop by and participate in any of the scheduled events for minimal registration fees. People who love cars, even non-Toyota owners, are also welcome to join any or all of the three festivities.

To learn more and to get updates, check out social media posts that use the hashtags #WeDriveForSaferRoads and #SafetyAdvocates.


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